Voicemail || Jesse
Blaine: Blaine picked his phone staring at Jesse's name on the screen. He really didn't want to do this, he didn't want to make Jesse mad, but maybe it would do good to talk. They promised to not do this anyway, and so talking seemed like the better road. He couldn't dig the hole any deeper than it already was, right? Sighing, Blaine pressed the other boys name on his screen and waited for it to ring. When he finally got to voice mail his heart sighed in relief. "Hey, sweetie.. Um.. I know you are probably at practice.. I figured that's why you didn't answer but.. I dont know, I just.. I need to talk to you. If you dont want to.. I..I understand, but it would be really great if you can get back to me, okay? Um.. I love you.. and i miss you, and yeah.. s-sor.." He stopped before he finished. It wouldn't be that easy would it? To just say sorry and hope it was for the best? He let out a soft sigh and looked at the screen. "Just.. c-call me back.. bye." Blaine hung up the phone and looked around his room, how much longer until practice let out?
Text || Kurt/Blaine
Blaine: So.. Jesse is pissed at me, and wont talk to me, and is begin a little bitch all because of us joking around last night. Sigh. I kinda just want to scream in my pillow, but the pillow didnt do anything wrong so I would feel bad.
Blaine: Also, thanks for the cookies! They were really good! :)

C’mon guys. Im super bored in here. The hospital is lonely, and there is nothing good on TV. I promise to answer any and everything you ask me! 

  • Characters: Blaine and Jesse 
  • Time Frame: Wednesday Evening
  • Location: Lima Bean
  • Notes: Blaine just wants a hug. 

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You wish, Anderson. I’m going to whoop your ass.

Aw. Its cute how you think you can take me.. 

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Messaging || Blesse
Blaine: Dear Jesse, I love you. Love, Blaine.
Text || Cameron & Blaine
Blaine: Ill come to your house.
Blaine: As long as Jesse can come too.
Blaine: If not this is done in a public place, preferably the Lima Bean.


Yeah and the look on Az’s face was the priceless.

That it was. That it was. 


I have to say even though I prefer doing things solo, we’re pretty badass. 

Aw, well im honored to have gotten things done with you. Together we are awesome. 

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